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Instead of assuming you are behind in life....

We can practice replacing assumptions with CURIOSITY?

We can ask:

"Is there an actual concrete time line to life, when we are all so colorful and different"

"Where does this story come from, perhaps it wasn't yours to begin with"

"Where did I get the idea that certain bodies are good/worthy and certain bodies are bad/unworthy"

"How do I measure success, and what can I do to feel more aligned with that?"

"What has happened in my life that might make (your struggle whatever that may be) difficult for me, and how might I offer myself compassion for that?

"Such reflection can allow you to practice the process of shifting our beliefs at least in a small way that may provide from a healthier, happier perspective, more self-compassion and less judgement and anxiety"

Based on writings of Lisa Olivera (LMFT)


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